My biggest financial mistake: FT writers confess

As part of our FT Financial Literacy & Inclusion Campaign, some of our experts explain how they learnt the hard way . . .

What have you got against free money?’ – Pilita Clark, business columnist

Take home message: read the small print – Brooke Masters, chief business commentator

How I crashed my finances for love – Isabel Berwick, work and careers editor

Strawberry yields forever – Jonathan Guthrie, head of Lex

Why am I still paying for this coffee table? – Claer Barrett, consumer editor

The fatal lure of a massive black telly – Matthew Vincent, editor, FT Project Publishing

‘If you ever have to pay someone money’ he said . . .  –  Sarah O’Connor, employment columnist

The crippling cost of having children – Lucy Kellaway, FT writer

Losing money was always on the cards – Paul Lewis, presenter BBC Money Box

My four-wheeled foibles – Ken Okoroafor, FT Money columnist and blogger